I remember the weeks and months leading up to my wedding like they were yesterday – all the little details still to be finalised, the anticipation and excitement building, the close bond between my fiancé (now wife) and I.

To have a date planned, a point in time fixed in your mind, and for that to be taken away because of the Corona COVID-19 outbreak must be a horrible feeling, emotional and deflating. Not knowing whether or not your wedding is going ahead must be agony.

I, therefore, today would like to reassure my couples who are going through this right now that we will work together on rebooking and that I will be there for you. There is always an option to split the wedding – if your venue is still conducting ceremonies but you are keeping numbers to a minimum, I’m totally happy to shoot the ceremony and come back another time for your party. I’m not going to charge any extra for either of these options – you are my priority.

Also, because that point in time, your anticipated wedding date, is such a big thing – rather than stay in and feel sad about your wedding not happening, I’ll meet you somewhere and we can have a photoshoot – maybe that engagement shoot you never had, maybe a nice family portrait, or even a silly shoot just to lighten the mood. Again, no charge from me, because, at the end of the day, love will prevail.

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